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A longread on human trafficking in the Netherlands

Onzichtbaar is a longread about human trafficking in the Netherlands that Zeppa developed with journalist Jessica Maas and photographer Bas Losekoot. The longread contains experience stories of both victims and professionals and is aimed at professionals and citizens who want to make a difference.

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Employees at municipalities can pick up signs of human trafficking even if it is not part of their job. Human trafficking is not a far from our bed show. It is happening right in the Netherlands. To highlight this message loud and clear, we chose a design in black, white and yellow. Signal colours to wake up all parties involved.

For the headlines, we chose a super bold font, which supports the signal function. Journalist Jessica Maas wrote all the texts and kept the story short and to the point. We placed the victims' stories on black and alternated them with short interviews with the professionals on white, keeping the story easy to read.

Bas Losekoot photographed beautiful images of this difficult subject. Because in many cases the victims did not want to be in the picture, this makes photographing extra challenging. Bas managed to shoot exciting and speaking images even without heads.

In the fight against human trafficking, cooperation is crucial. Only through good cooperation can we prevent victims from falling between two stools. Hence this longread.


  1. A clear document highlighting the subject from different angles.

  2. An accessible magazine providing insight into problem and solution.

Zeppa's first design for the longread was an instant hit. This was exactly the appearance we were looking for. I happily look back on the fine cooperation with Zeppa! Worth repeating.

- Jessica Maas, journalist


Comensha & VNG

Services Online strategy, Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Social media campagne, Animation


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